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g0v (pronounced “gov zero”) is a decentralized civic tech community from Taiwan, advocating transparency of information, building tech solutions for citizens to participate in public affairs from grass-roots.

In the spirit of open source and activism, g0v aims to use technology in the interest of the public good, allowing citizens easy access to vital information and power to shape the civil society. Substituting the “o” with “0″ in gov, we want to use the Internet and digital thinking (0 & 1) to change the traditional “gov”.

Since 2012, g0v has hosted over 50 hackathons and 2 international summits. Thousands of participants from different backgrounds contributed to hundreds of projects, creating new tools to mobilise civic engagement.

g0v Civic Tech Prototype Grant

To support more civic tech projects, g0v hackathon organizer team launched the “g0v Civic Tech Prototype Grant” in 2017. The g0v Grant focuses on open source projects in new media, open data, open government, public services, citizen participation and community infrastructure.

2017 Autumn Grants


Taiwan Watch: Taiwan Affairs in the US Congress

Ya-Chieh Hsu

Taiwan Watch is a project initiated by a group of Taiwanese in the United States in hope of enhancing the general public’s understanding of the U.S. legislation concerning Taiwan.. This project reflects the spirit of open data and open government in its collection and analysis of Taiwan-related bills. Taiwan Watch’s initial goals are (1) to familiarize the users with the legislative processes of the U.S. Congress, and (2) to show how a bill becomes a law , including its introduction, debate, and vote.


Foodsharing Taiwan

Stafan Simon

"Foodsharing Taiwan" is an easy to use multi-language online tool that promotes organizing cooperations with stores on a large scale in an easily manageable way to systematically fight global food waste. After actively participating in Foodsharing.de in Germany, the project proposer moved to Taiwan for work and set up a local food sharing group here; “Foodsharing Taiwan” manages collecting food from various shops and has set up two public refrigerators.


YA0H: Yet Another g0v Hub


As the g0v community continues to grow, it has accumulated many projects, but whether they continue to operate depends on involvement of active participants. This project hopes to reduce the efforts required by g0vers in organizing and understanding old projects and reuse past efforts (such as awesome list, g0v.json) to connect projects and their contexts, make it easier for g0vers to share and introduce g0v projects and participators to find projects they can contribute towards, thus promoting sustainable development of civic technology projects.


LostSAR Search & Rescue

Gavin Chang

LostSAR Search & Rescue uses wireless beacons and drones to resolve mountain search and rescue difficulties. The benefits include low prices, the electronics cost mere double digits in dollars, convenience and effectiveness, can be carried around long-term and does not require building much hardware.


“AgriNote”-your helper in the field

Shaw Wu

"AgriNote" is an app that modularizes farming records; it uses simple Q&As and dropdown menus to help farmers easily record their activities. It lowers the threshold for farmers to digitally record their farming activities and production history and in combination with ‘AgriWeather’s’ microclimate information, will encourage the development of further applications solving agricultural problems.


The Relationships between Taiwan Enterprise Groups and Environmental Social Responsibility

Shen-Han Hong

Bian Zhongpei and Green Citizens’ Action Alliance are going to consolidate Taiwan's top 500 enterprise groups’ parent-subsidiary company relationships with open data such as pollution discharge information from Transparent Footprint, or publicized list of companies found breaking labour laws released by the government, to enhance citizens’ abilities to better supervise enterprises.


2017 Spring Grants



a collaborative fact-checking system combining a LINE chatbot with a hoax database.

amount: 300,000 NTD.


Ronny Wang

an open source PaaS (Platform-As-A-Service) for civic tech, open data, open government projects for free.

amount: 500,000 NTD.

Councillor Voter Guide

Johnny Luo

Displaying track records, property declaration and other objective information of the candidates to make more informed voters.

amount: 500,000 NTD.

Taiwan National Treasures

Hsin Hsiao

To unearth historical documents on Taiwan around the world by calling on volunteers to help digitally archive them and to provide open online access for all.

amount: 500,000 NTD

Verdict Search

Billy Lin

Launched by Judicial Reform Foundation to make verdicts easy to search and share to promote open judiciary.

amount: 360,000 NTD.



Shaw Wu

Building low cost open source IoT sensors with data analysis on microclimate to help farmers improve cultivation.

amount: 500,000 NTD.



Aims at making Taiwan’s job-seeking market more transparent and helping labors understand labor laws.

amount: 500,000 NTD.


Organizing Team

g0v hackathon organizers (jothon)

g0v hackathon organizers “jothon” is the executive team of g0v.tw bi-monthly hackathons. The team also work on g0v community infrastructure and launched g0v Civic Tech Prototype Grant.

Open Culture Foundation

The Open Culture Foundation (OCF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, founded in 2014 by several members of Taiwan's open source community. The main goal of OCF is to support local communities to advocate for the use of open technologies in broader sectors, including open source software, open hardware, and open data. Activities are carried out with government, enterprises, and NGOs to help them better understand the benefits of adopting open source, and promoting the importance of open data to the public sphere. OCF’s belief is that a culture of open collaboration is the foundation for an innovative society, and the engine of a participatory democracy.

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